Top 5 High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

Probably the highest cholesterol foods are delicious. This can be the main reason why many people are struggling to reduce their cholesterol food consumption.Those with high levels of cholesterol have to reduce or eliminate these foods from your diet. Have you ever think about that there can be foods that can raise your cholesterol level?

No.. Don’t worry !! Below are some of the worst foods to eat if you have high cholesterol.

half cut egg

Eggs are considered a basic breakfast, but they also come with high cholesterol levels.Medical experts, especially those from the American Heart Association recommends that only 300 mg of cholesterol should be consumed each day. The eggs take 213 milligrams of cholesterol, so if you eat ice cream, cheeseburgers and other high in cholesterol food for the rest of the day, it is impossible that their cholesterol levels will rise.

2. Fast Food

Junk food

Whenever a person enters into a fast food restaurant, it is very likely that he or she can hear the sizzling of hamburgers burgers on the grill and watch the potatoes cooked in oil tanks. Burgers can 85 mg to 175 mg of cholesterol, while the chips have 5g of trans fat and saturated fat 4 g.

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3.  Ice Cream

chocolate icecream scoops

What a meal without dessert? People can have a slice of chocolate cake or during the hot summer days of ice cream scoop. This may come as a surprise and shock to many, but it was found that one cup of ice cream has a higher amount of cholesterol than ten donuts and more fat than the burgers. Ice cream is one of the foods rich in cholesterol; you should try to avoid.

4. Palm Oil

palm oil

Although plant foods are considered low cholesterol, cholesterol palm oil will increase the level of cholesterol in a person’s body. Other food plants that can increase cholesterol levels are coconut, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil.

5. Snacks


People love to eat bags of chips, and this can help increase the level of cholesterol in the body. Before taking a bag of chips, read the label first. Some snacks are determined by the amount of cholesterol and trans fats in the product.

Other foods  that should be avoided are the food that comes from an animal (beef,poultry, etc.), dairy products and sweets. In addition, people with high cholesterol should be careful with foods high in trans fats.

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