Style Tips for Girls who are Short!

All of us are not born perfect! Some are tall, some short, some fat and some thin. And unfortunately, there is no such magic trick that can change the way you look. So here we come to the rescue of the short ones! Scroll below to learn some fashion tricks that can make you look taller and more impressive. Just the right choice of colours, accessories, clothes, etc. can do wonders!Here are few style tips for girls who are short

*Choose Monochromes:

Choose monochromes

Switch to monochromes instead of wearing different colours together. Wearing just one colour gives an illusion of a single vertical line from head to toe which creates an elongated silhouette making you look taller.

Too many colours can break up the silhouette giving a blocky appearance, and hence, comparatively shorter.Also, darker colours like shades of black, gray, green and blue over lighter ones like white, cream and ivory should be preferred for looking taller.

*Vertical Stripes:

vertical strips

Wearing vertical striped shirts, t-shirts or dresses is always a better option for short girls. Stripes which run vertically create an illusion of height.

Also, pants, jeans, skirts or shorts with vertical stripes are a superior choice. You can also wear striped dresses with cardigans or open jackets.Vertical stripes will not only make you look taller but also slimmer.

*Wear V-Necklines:

V line

Women with a petite frame should go in for V-necks. This will make their necks appear longer and give the illusion of height.Plunging V- neck tops, t-shirts, shirts or dresses also give the appearance of being taller. Even short sleeves or sleeveless tops and dresses are a good option for short girls.Neck designs like the turtleneck, round neck or boat neck should be avoided. Also, the tops should be till the hip line or above.

*Asymmetric dresses with heels:

Asymmetric dresses with heels

Asymmetric dresses are a very trendy option. They not only make you look impressive but also a few inches taller. Wearing asymmetric dresses with heels will enhance the look further.

*Wearing High-Waisted Styles:
Wearing High-Waisted Styles:

Short girls should switch to high waist bottoms like pants, shorts, skirts or skinny jeans. These help to create the illusion of longer legs making you look taller. High waists give you a willowy silhouette. These can be paired with a crop top, tailored blouses or button down shirts. Also, it should be made sure that when going in for high waist skirts, their length should be up to the knees.

*Wrap Dresses:

Weap Dresses

Wrap dresses are a great option for petite women, especially for the ones with an hourglass shape. For a leaner and an elongated look, a V-neckline works best along with a surplice wrap styling. They are a must-have to ensure a flattering look for shorter women.

*Don’t Be Afraid of a Maxi:

maxi Dresses

Most short girls seem to be skeptical about trying maxi length dresses and skirts. But on the contrary, these kinds of dresses not only make us look taller, but also leaner.

Pleated maxis skirts or floor-length maxis and monochromatic gowns are a fantastic choice. Flat sandals will compliment such a look.

Also, make sure that when going in for a maxi length dress or skirt, the shirt is tucked in.

*The Right Kind of Pants:

The Right Kind of Pants

Choosing the right cut and style for the pants is extremely important to ensure the proper look. To make yourself look a little taller, go in for a boot cut or slightly flared jeans. Try avoiding wide-legged and bulky designs. Also, refrain from cropped styles.

Try to ensure that the length of the pants is at least till the shoes. The ones which finish above the shoes tend to make you look shorter and create an appearance of slightly thicker legs. Pants that cover most of the shoes make the legs look longer and leaner.

*Empire Waist Dresses:

*Empire Waist Dresses:

Empire waist dresses work best for the girl with a petite figure, the best thing about this style being that the figure is not divided at the waistline creating the illusion of an elongated silhouette. It also gives a leaner look and hence works best for the healthy ones as well.

*Embrace The Fit:

Embrace The Fit

Clothes with a tight fitting work best for the people with a petite figure and short height. Voluminous or slouchy clothes make you look heavier by adding extra bulk to your look.

Fitted clothes give a comparatively leaner look and hence create a better proportional look, making you look more impressive.

*Choose The Drop Waist:

Choose The Drop Waist

The ones which a petite torso should try wearing drop waists. These serve a dual purpose- adding to the height and subtracting a few extra pounds from your look. They also help to create the illusion of shorter elongated torsos and longer legs. These kinds of dresses give a longer line of sight, make you look taller.

This look is not only fashionable but also serves the purpose. These can be paired with a jacket or a thin belt to complete the look.

*Ethnic! :

ethnic wear

The ones with a petite figure should opt for a saree which has a short or no border at all. Sarees with vertical prints and small prints work best. While choosing the stuff or the fabric, ensure that the stuff does not make you look voluminous. Choose fabrics like chiffon or georgette.

Now, coming to suits! Make sure that the kameez is a little longer, which will make you look taller. Choose darker colours and go in for a collared neck. Even churidars with a long kameez are a great option.

Since footwear is an equally important part of the look, here we also have a few tips on the footwear!

* Hello Heels!

Hello Heels

Clearly, heels are an essential part of the look for the shorter girls. These work wonderfully and add a few inches to your height, giving you a bit of a lift.

For the ones who find it difficult to teeter around in heels all day long, options like wedged shoes work best.

*Pointed Flats:

Pointed Flats

Not everyone can comfortably carry heels. And it is not just heels that can make you look a little taller. Shoes with pointed toes can also do the same work. Instead of choosing a ballet flat, go for pointed flats.

*Say no to Ankle Straps:

Say no to Ankle Straps

Shoes with ankle straps are not a good option for the petite. These make the legs look thicker, and the calf looks bigger. It cuts off the legs in an unnatural appearance, creating a blocky look.

To ensure that the legs look longer and leaner, refrain from footwear having an ankle strap.

Being on the shorter end of the height spectrum does not make you inferior. No matter how you look, make sure you always wear confidence, irrespective of your outfit! These fashion tips can only create the illusion of a taller height. What matters is the amount of comfort you feel in your skin! Just embrace yourself the way you are!

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