Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Business: Use the best one

In order to successfully capture the attention of prospects and customers online, you’ll need a constant stream of interesting and relevant content to share with them. The Social media has become an efficient tool in today’s marketing strategy.  Business has been mulling over using social media as a marketing tool for inspiring, entertaining and engaging their audience. Companies now employ this strategy as the main marketing means though this doesn’t put an end to traditional marketing, it is super-efficient for customer engagement. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram are examples of social media platforms that are effective in user engagement, which is really key constituents in gaining traffic for your website.  Competitor analysis is key but what is more important is what you are doing. Utilize all the features of the social media. It enables you to generate engagement and website traffic.

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Imagine that you recently redesigned your company website and are looking at your site analytics. You notice visitors are spending much more time on one of your revamped pages. A small, satisfied smile crosses your face and you feel a sense of relief. Thanks to your efforts, people must be more engaged and are happily spending more time on your site. Wrong!!!!

You actually don’t know what’s going on with that page. The metric without context isn’t informative. People could be happy with the page or they could be frustrated and spending way too long trying to find what they need. Time on site, website traffic, types of visitors, exit rates, and other metrics tell you what is happening on your website. This is valuable behavioral information. But why is it happening?

Numbers leave out context. Focus on the people behind the numbers to get the full story of what’s going on.

Lead Generation – lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It works easily and is cost efficient, As you know getting an email address is easier than closing a sale at birth. It is always cool to start off with having a relationship with your potential client then you can entice them with your blog posts and lead generation. It also helps build brand awareness and loyalty because lead generation brings about familiarity between the client and the organization. You definitely would buy from the brand you trust the most, a brand that has consistently given out valuable information for free and has engaged you in a conversation frequently. Finding your lead magnet is first and the most important part of a lead generation strategy. A lead magnet is anything that your potential customer would find valuable; you are going to offer it for free in exchange for their email address and consequently a chance to develop a long lasting relationship with them.

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Most Advertisers think of the EBook as the perfect lead magnet, while it is, it could be strenuous to put together while it is not meant to be high in a number of pages, it could just a page and as long as it is effective and provides value to the client, it is awesome.  A lead magnet could be an article or a pdf eBook, could be discounted for those who do e-commerce others include prizes, video training, audiobooks email courses free templates and tools and so on. A good lead magnet should be extremely valuable easy to consume and relevant to the niches of the client. You should be able to laser target your audience and make sure your output is of value. Creating your landing page is next, this is also easy especially if you’ve got a professional team helping out; the landing page is where users will be able to fill their data and download the magnet after which you can start looking for means to drive traffic.

Social Media Marketing– As you know the main objective of the social media is to push out information, content is the real drive behind social media marketing success. While a vast majority of the contents on the social media comes from the public itself, users also determine content.  Especially as businesses aim to promote products and services, connect with clients and customers, generate new ones drive revenue and even recruit new employees. And of course the social media is here to stay, it is not a trend, Facebook has over 540 unique visitors per month, reaching about 35.2% of the entire internet population.

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Using the social media for advertising is a massive strategy when properly harnessed will yield great results. Advertising on facebook, twitter Instagram is a more direct means of communicating with a potential client. Getting ready super contents for your potential clients is a key in engagement; these contents should be delivered consistently and should be relevant.

Define your intention– First and foremost, know what the intent of your social media and networks will be, ask yourself if you are hoping to improve awareness and open communication about your organization or are you looking to reach new markets and open channels for sale? Just decide early enough because knowing your intent drives which path you take. Keep the community alive and grow it

Define Intention

Every marketing plan would definitely be incomplete without considering digital marketing, while the traditional way of marketing is still relevant, digital marketing strategies have come simple efficient and handy especially with the emergence of the social media networks Facebook, twitter, Instagram LinkedIn and so on. the social media with its millions and millions of users who share everything from photographs videos and of course keep changing statuses talking about events in their life as they unfold while getting through with setting up your contents, you may want to consider;

  • Metrics
  • Having a growth mindset
  • Visual Content optimized with links
  • Deliver content consistently
  • Use hashtags strategically where necessary
  • Manage time efficiently

These tools would surely help as a guide while making contents for the social media.

In conclusion, it’s not tough to publish on the social media: with a few clicks, you have a post on Instagram, a tweet on twitter, or a video on YouTube. The tough part, as you know, is getting found, viewed, read, liked, and shared and doing it without annoying people. So you need to define the purpose of the content you are sharing, why do you share something you have read on social media? How to use social media as effective tools for your business that should be aligned with your business objective and content strategy

You believe that others will want the information, could be just in time to save someone’s career or might just be your favorite recipe and so on. You care about something and you want others to care about too, help spread the news as they come:  When tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean and devastated Aceh in Indonesia, there was a relief fund; you shared because you wanted others to get involved. You want to entertain others or provide a bit of inspiration. Look at those purposes for sharing. They are not selfish ones: You want to be useful; you want to get the word out about something important. Others who share do so for the same reasons. So, the same approach should drive your content.

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