Six Things Successful People Do Differently

Success is a very relative phenomenon but one thing we can all relate to in today’s world that being socially admired and earning a good buck does count success for a lot of us. Else why would be put yourself through this tough ordeal every Monday morning? So this Monday morning while on my way to work I thought what are the 7 things which highly successful people do differently, whose Instagram’s we covet so early with starry eyes. So after a lot of thinking during the entire commute, I come up with this 6 mantra or thing or habits which make successful people different. These different things make them different and much more ahead of us on the curve.

Having a clear vision

Successful people have a very clear vision of what they want to do in their life. They know what they want and then they go get it. We get stuck here a lot. So I would prefer you guys make your yoga game strong bcoz yoga clears your mind and a good morning walk can clear up your mind more than anything.

Being genuine

Success doesn’t come from being fake. Be genuine about yourself and be genuine to others. Life is already filled with way too many fake people, let’s try to shoulder the gap people. Be spontaneous, and natural. Don’t be a follower, be a leader. The following someone would just make you get what they wanted to achieve, not what you wanted.

Being Genuine

Failure is natural

Don’t be afraid to fail every once a while. The first man on Everest didn’t make it on his first try. Failure is as normal as pakoras on a rainy evening. If you think you have failed realism that you are just human. Welcome to the group, there are like billions of us. The major part is not letting it keep your down. In words of Thomas Wayne,’ why do we fall Bruce? Se we can pull our self up again.’ if Batman can learn from that we are a mere human.

Respect for those beneath you

A little respect paves the path for a long time. Respect costs us nothing but the fruits of it are priceless. Mahatma Gandhi said a man is known not by how he treats his superiors but by how he treats those inferior to him. The father of the nation must have known what he was talking about.

Be practical

Being optimist is good but successful people are not just optimistic, they are practical, they are a realist. They understand what has to be and what can’t be done. Believing in your abilities and succeeding is easy, but we need to understand the surrounding too. We got to learn from our surrounding. Van Gogh did his greatest works when he was unsure of his abilities and was just using his surrounding to get inspiration.

Timely action

Last but not the least, timely action is necessary. Thinking about success is great, devising plans to get success is better. But this all fails if you don’t provide enough action into it. You need to put effort and action into it. All fails when the timing is not right.

Honorary mention: Waking up early in the morning.  This goes to all our mothers, who have this idea that everything in our life can solve itself and we can succeed if we just wake up early every morning.


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