How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Rich

If you want to apply the law of attraction to get rich, which is very possible, first you have to fully understand the concept behind it. Let me give you a quick rundown.

Quantum physics dictates that we are all made of atoms, and the atoms have a vibration. We are constantly sending out vibrations to the world. Vibrations carry a charge. If you’ve ever heard of the word aura, that’s pretty much it; except, this is not spiritual or new age phenomenon. It’s real.

When we think, our thoughts carry a charge, positive or negative. What you think of, you are sending out to the universe. Those thoughts are magnetic. This is key. Some people can’t get past that part or grasp the concept. But if you really want your life to change, you have to really understand and know that it is the truth. Your thoughts and actions attract like thoughts and actions. If you are constantly thinking how unlucky you are or how much you lack something, the cycle will continue and God or the universe will keep giving you “lack” and situations or circumstances will present themselves in your life in order for you to continue feeling unlucky.

You can see this manifest itself by watching the people around you. Have you noticed that the dark and gloomy people that are always complaining just can’t catch a break? Negative things just keep happening to them. Whereas the positive, happy people just get lucky all the time.

 So how do you use the law of attraction to get rich?

                                                 So how do you use the law of attraction to get rich?

Do not dwell or focus on the money you don’t have. Do not think about how unlucky you are, or how poor you are. You will get more of it. You need a shift in your thinking. Picture yourself WITH money. Picture yourself buying what you want, comfortably. And treat it as if it’s already happened. Do not focus on the “how” or let doubt creep in. The “how” will work itself out. Circumstances, events or people will shift and move around in this chess game that is your life, in order for that money to come to you. You may have no idea how that will happen, just be confident that it will work itself out. I know it’s hard and you have to practice this, but it is essential that you do not let doubt (negative emotion) creep in for this to work. Just Know that it will, and it will.

So simply put, this is how to use the law of attraction to get rich. You have to shift your thinking, think positive, and positive will come. Think specifically about money (not that you don’t have it, but that you WILL have it) and it will come.

If you have a business endeavor, just know it will work out. DO NOT think “Maybe it will fail. Maybe it won’t work. Oh, I’m sure nothing will come out of it”. If you think that way you are surely doomed. If you want a new car, picture yourself driving it. Daily put your mind to it as much as you can. Become obsessed with those thoughts. Just make sure they are not negative thoughts, or complaining about not having the car, or the money. Make sure you see yourself happily enjoying the new car, and saying to yourself “I can’t wait until this comes true!” and be confident that somehow, it will.

The universe works in mysterious ways and you attract that which you think of the most. If you think of abundance, you attract abundance. If you think of lack, you attract more lack. Now first things first, don’t let your mind go to that negative place! Catch yourself and shift your thinking. Do that enough and you will see more good things start trickling in. That should show you it’s working and give you the motivation you need to think big!

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