How To Handle a Job You Can’t Stand

You May hate your job for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you have lost interest in what you are doing or perhaps not even interested in the first place. Whatever your reasons, here are the steps to take on how to handle a job you can’t stand.



Sometimes we are faced with trials in our place of work, we have to put everything in perspective. In other to keep things in perspective, do the following:

1.Maintain a good sense of humor: Strive to maintain equanimity about what to do. If you cannot stand the people you work with, then laugh at how stupid and petty people can be. Be playful and try to have fun.Have fun, but be sure not to do anything that would get you fired unless you want to be fired. Organize events with colleagues. Invite them to drink after work, or plan an office party. Start a book club or a fancy sports team. optimistic: Set aside your frustration when you change the perspective. See the work as a temporary condition, not something that will be “stuck” for the rest of your life. See the bigger picture. Keep in mind that change is the only constant in life. All things go, and so will this work you hate.

3.Focus on the good things in your life: Think about your friends, family, and community. Notice that the beautiful place in where you live, and be grateful to be alive.

4.Do not dwell on the past: Whenever negative past event pop in your mind, bring your attention back to the task at hand.

5.Pray: Prayer can help you through the most difficult moments. This can help to rid the mind of all the stress and can ease your heart. Change your attitude, “Yes, it will be a happy ending.” Keep an eye on the huge opportunities on the way!



1.Keep your mind stimulated. Even if you do not like your job, there are always opportunities for you to learn something new. The request for replacement tasks can be performed instead by the current transaction. Start taking online courses in areas that interest you. Pick up a new interest or hobby outside of work. Read something fascinating.Do not give up your desire to learn. Let your passion be the light that guides you through this time.

2.Learning situation. Remember horrible job can be a great learning experience. You may not be doing exactly what you want to do – but you can learn a lot about what you do not want. Spend your time focusing on improving your skills. Use your current job as a springboard for the next big thing

3.Bare the minimum: Find a way to look busy at work without really working. Find out exactly how much work needs to be done to keep your supervisors off of your back, and then use the rest of your mental energy thinking about the things you want to think. Pay attention! If you are caught, you may not have the opportunity to get to bear the job.

4.Learn to deal with a frustrating boss. In many cases, the ill-fated operation is closely linked to mentor you hate. Try to empathize and understand why your boss is the way in which he / she is. Find out if there is a way to work productively with this person.

Here are other steps to take in handling a job you can’t stand:

 Here are other steps to take in handling a job you can’t stand:

1.Think about the development of skills, rather than serving time: Take every course offered and focus on the skills that can lay the foundation for your business or a new job. Can you learn HTML or PowerPoint? Can you use some evenings, weekends and lunch hours to solicit some freelance gigs?

2.Put your shield and armor on when you enter your place of work: Everyone must learn to create a psychic shield. Imagine that you are surrounded by an outer shell that is made of a solid material – so strong that nothing can get through to hurt you. Some people prefer to imagine a protection against light golden, but I think the solid shield is stronger. Take two or three minutes to put on your coat, every day, before entering the workplace.

3.Find at least one thing in your life to appreciate: the softness of the skin of your cat’s fur, the winter sky, the spontaneous hug from a friend. Enjoy as much as possible about your job: money, the view from the window, the new computer, friendly conversations with the guy in the hallway. Enjoy the experience. Appreciation is the engine that attracts good things into your life.

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