Facts that Indians are Generally Unaware of Indian Army?

There are some inspiring realities about the Indian Army.

1.Indian Army is the biggest volunteer drive in the whole world. This just implies Indian Army comprises of the biggest number of willing warriors in the whole world.

2.India controls the highest front line in the world, the Siachen ice sheet, at 5000 meters above Mean Sea Level (MSL).

3.The Indo-Pakistan War of 1971 reached the end with the surrender of around 93,000 soldiers and authorities of the Pakistani Army.

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4.Operation Rahat (2013) was one of the greatest nonmilitary personnel protect operations ever completed in the world.

5.Highest Bridge in the world built by our Indian Army.

6.Dissimilar to other government associations and foundations in India, there are no arrangements for reservations in view of caste or religion.

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7.Indian officers are considered among the absolute best in high elevation and mountain fighting.

8.Indian Army has never been included in a military overthrow and has never started first assault in any fighting.

9.All through the world, there are just three mounted force regiments and Indian Armed Forces has one of those three.

10.The biggest contributions in United Nations peace making operations is Indian Army.

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