Being a Money Magnet – Do You Love Your Life

That is likely the most well-known question that we frequently ask ourselves is money important? The clear response is that without cash, we cannot live. Believe atmosphere for respiration, water for our body makeup, food for our gut and shelter for security. When inherent worth of goods and services are circulated cash is necessary to catalyze the process of value creation to optimize our odds of survival and earn the right to extravagance.

The preceding statement may seem a little abstract. However, if you will analyze the statement under the assumptions of barter trade and survival value, you will find it is as clear as ABC. For the advantage of individuals who come across the term ‘barter trade’ and ‘survival value’ for the very first time, survival value is the ability to endure in this world while things are being simply purchased / bought by barter trade by exchanging value instead of using the money.

The Biology

Humans are born inefficiently to live alone. Unlike a tiger that’s able to create value for itself to survive using its absolute strength and razor sharp claws and teeth that can kill with one strike, a person does not own tools that are killing anatomically. Consequently, to be able to create value for survival, humans have to resort to making sharp arrows and spears. Unlike animals, humans are born with an uncanny ability to increase survival worth exponentially just by being cooperative. Some animals do cooperate, like a pack of lions. On the other hand, the reason the population of lions today is lower compared to the population that is human is because individuals have the ability to create an abundance of survival worthwhile the lions consistently have to physically hunt for food. As opposed to people who are able to develop greater guns, use fire, and crops plants, the lions aren’t able to create an abundance of survival value.

The Economics

People perform the overall game better still once they start to industry. It became clear that due to the principle of scarcity in economics, trade begins to be an essential, when people begin to experiment different means of creating survival worth. Individuals begin to purchase or create more abundance of survival value when they trade. Barter trade makes life simpler because it creates worth more than simply survival value. He’s creating more than survival value for himself when the farmer trades his wheat for more milk. Wheat can adequately supply him the calories needed for survival. More milk on the other hand; supplies not only simple calories but also more calcium and better food pleasures. The calcium and the delight in the milk’s flavor will be valued more than survival worth. We discuss subsistence as opposed to living our life when we talk about survival worth.

It’s due to more commerce, that we have been able to enjoy greater worth. Humans slowly improvised an improved process of commerce, from barter trade to trade using cash. Because barter trading is just not as efficient as trading using cash one simple reason why this improvisation needs to take place is. In order to appreciate a progress of civilization and more extravagances via creating more value, we need to be able to trade better. Let’s say you’ve got cash, you’re able to purchase not just food, but also transportation, clothing as well as houses! Everybody needs lots of cash but having more and more wheat doesn’t provide exactly the same chance to effect and produce more business to us. More trade means more worth creation; consequently, more money means more potential.

Lack of Money Vs Love of Money

We often hear that the love of money is the root of evil because lots of people become corrupted under the effect of money. When it’s an integral contributor to our essence of life why should we not adore money? Without cash, we cannot buy the things we want such as our home that is perfect and a BMW. With the almost little likelihood of greater fulfillment and success in life, we did still be living a life of hard labor without cash. Without money, we won’t manage to live! We need food so that we can function to give energy to us. Money is a noble objective, we must love it. No offense, but those who think that it’s the root of evil and actually do not adore more cash, they actually do not deserve to live a life of fulfilling wishes.

As a vital contributor to our essence of life, when we don’t love money, we don’t adore our life. We just have one life, please cherish it.

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