Accidentally On Purpose: Idiom Of the Day


Accidentally On Purpose: If you are accidentally on purpose, it means you have done something intentionally but you pretend to show it as an accident.

E.g: My boss was very harsh on the phone and was  screwing me up for my poor sales number, i accidentally on purpose switched the phone off and did not switch it on. I later told my boss that my phone had conked out.

Mr Robort was upset with obesity and  So he ordered best Fitness Trackers for his daily running . After few day of using it, he was amazed to see  benefits of the calorie burnt recorded, Kilometers run, heartbeat monitoring in tracker, Total number of steps covered. One day he threw his watch in to the river and told his wife that he did it accidentally on purpose.

So have you really  been accidentally on purpose in any moment of your life?



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