9 Sure Ways to get Rid of Laziness By Yoga

I’ve no problem in admitting the fact that I’m too lazy sometimes. Often I feel too lazy to get out of my home if it’s hot, cold or I ate a lot in my lunch. Same is true for my yoga practice too. In fact, if I always skip yoga only because of the laziness, I’ll never unroll my yoga mat. That’s why I try to make my yoga practice as easier as possible. Fortunately, only getting started is the hard part for me – once I get started I don’t feel any problem in doing a full sequence of 90 minutes. However, same may not be true for you.

If you ever find yourself in the same lazy moments, here are 9 ways to get rid of laziness by Yoga tips that can help you in getting started. I would like to keep it short and sweet, because what’s the point of overwork?

How to get rid of laziness by yoga

1.Practice same poses in the same order, again and again. Right now I have five fixed poses for my home practice. It takes me no longer than 10 minutes to practice Triangle, Downward-facing Dog, Warrior II, Wide-Legged Forward Bend and Extended Side Angle. It helps a lot when I’m not feeling inspired because I don’t have to think the poses that I should do. I can just do everything on auto-pilot mode. And often I get inspired when I get started on my yoga mat.

2.Don’t hide your yoga mat somewhere in the corner of your room. Leave it in the plain view along with a pile of props. Even if you don’t practice yoga still they’ll serve as a constant reminder of the practice.

3.Expand your “yoga” definition. A shoulder-opening at your desk and a few deep breaths can perfectly be counted as yoga practice.

4.Stop looking for perfection in each pose. Instead, try to be your own perfect self. That’s what yoga is all about.

5.Stop crying for little lapses in yoga practice that’s not going to help. Instead, just begin from the point where you left and get started again.


6.Celebrate the moments in which you take care of yourself by doing less. Yes, LESS, not more. Sometimes skipping a yoga class and taking rest on the home or read your favorite book is exactly what you need to do. And after all, self-care is the ultimate goal of yoga. But don’t overdo it.

7.Try to stay surrounded with like-minded people and include yoga philosophy, healthy habits and other fitness related topics in your conversation.

8.Eat fresh and awesome foods. Fill your plate with fresh and energizing foods and eat them mindfully so you feel great from inside and outside both. Doing this one good thing often helps in keeping the laziness away.

9.Instead of thinking much about what you want to have in future or what you’ve lost, think about what you have right now and try to stay happy with it. Happiness can also help a lot in preventing laziness and gaining a healthy body.

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