20 Strong Reasons: Why would you leave your valuable job?

A lot of people are working for a job that is either not what they had thought about working for or doesn’t gives them much satisfaction. The job may be a valuable one, but they still did not find themselves in the right place. Such situation can come when the employer is unappreciated or not paid sufficiently according to the job position. Now in circumstances like this, you may find it hard to convince yourself that it is the time to move on!

Here are 20 best reasons of leaving job that you can consider convincing yourself for calling it a quit in a few weeks or months and take a fresh start to find a new one.

 1.Working with an authoritarian boss

Arrogant boss

The most prominent and important person of any working organization is the boss, who heads the organization. If your boss is a person with authoritative and stubborn personality who doesn’t appreciate his employees for their dedication then it is obvious that you will feel less motivated and unnoticed for the hard work you do. Or if he gives you such comments like, “You are lucky to have this job.” then you should make yourself realize your worth and skills and you should consider finding a job that wouldn’t make you feel worthless, at least.

2.Working with a female difficult boss:

Authoritarian Female Boss

If you are a female employee then you are well-aware of difficulties dealing with a female boss. It is commonly seen that women often develop feelings of jealousy and insecurity towards one another and this practice is seen even in a working organization. For a female employee, it gets difficult to work consistently when your female boss starts to develop biased sentiments or shows authoritative attitude. If such situation is challenging your working abilities, this reason is enough to leave behind this job.

3.If you feel underpaid:


Now even if you feel that your job is valuable enough, it may occur to you later on that the task you are performing is not paid enough. Quitting your job doesn’t even means that your life is going to get better in a short time. Your market value makes go down, you might have to apply for a lot of organizations, or you might be even more underpaid. But, if you will let these fears get in your way then, you will never be able to strive for a better future. It may be difficult to deal with less salary in the beginning, but if you see the potential for growth in the future than your present job, it isn’t a bad deal to go for a next job.

4.If you feel undervalued:


As mentioned earlier that, in many organization, the bosses doesn’t give much appreciation and undervalue your work. So, first of all, you have to decide that what is the context of appreciation you are looking for; some words of praise, salary raise or a promotion? Quitting your job will not ensure to fulfill all of these conditions as your employer isn’t bounded to any of these subjects. But for that, the best solution can be to ask for what you want. Tell your boss that you feel undervalued and it may be possible that he doesn’t know about how you feel. And even if he continues to do so, then it is time to look forward to a better opportunity and of course, a boss!

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5.When your input or ideas go unnoticed/unwanted:

reasons of leaving job

Everyone wants their ideas and suggestions to be taken seriously. The feeling of ideas getting implemented is most satisfying and yes, we all love our ideas!

But when your boss or organizations don’t even look what you have put forth and especially, when you have worked so hard on it then, it is a sheer disappointment. Eventually, you stop to think of innovative ideas and it affects your creativity.

 6.When you get criticized publicly:

When you get criticized publicly

We all need constructive criticism and guidelines to work more efficiently. We all need to be told how to do something in a better way, but it must be told in a positive way. There are a few things that have to be told in private and if your employer is criticizing you publicly, it may feel like he is humiliating you even if he doesn’t have such intentions.

7.If you no longer enjoy your work:

If you no longer enjoy your work

Well, there are a lot of people who start to work for a job that isn’t what they were looking for in the first place. And, after some time, they find themselves not enjoying their jobs. While you experience yourself in such position, it is better to leave your job and find a job which you can enjoy, at least. Even if the future job isn’t paying you much, what important is that you will enjoy your task.8.

8.When you no longer feel challenged:

.When you no longer feel challenged

Your valuable job may not be as challenging as you think. It may appear to you at any time that you can handle more challenges than you are dealing with right now. Now, you may find challenge outside your immediate job that can be learning any new skill or working for a more professional organization. Taking challenges on yourself brings you an edge to explore how effectively you can work under pressure.

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9.When you feel like a ‘misfit’:


We spend most of our time in the working organization and it greatly influences your working ability. Sometimes, you are not able to develop friendly relations with your boss or colleagues and you feel like you don’t find in the environment. Even at times, the company culture isn’t any near to your comfort zone. If you are unable to change of fit in your organization, then quitting a job and moving elsewhere will have a significant impact.

10.When you feel like you have no purpose:

When you feel like you have no purpose

If you wake up every morning and feel like you have no purpose ahead of yourself, then you are not in the best place. If you feel like you have just worked and not accomplished or gained anything at the end of the day, then your valuable job is not much valuable.

11.If you are not able to maintain balance in your work and life:

work life

Are you staying away from your phones and emails on a weekend? Are you able to get some time for your own self? Are you able to find some time for your family and friends? If the answer is no, then you are neglecting an important aspect of your life. Many of us forget that it is equally important to find some time out of your busy working routine to look at yourself. If your current valuable job isn’t spearing much time to do so, then you should look for a job that can help you to maintain balance in work and life to the maximum.

12.If you feel like just a number:

feel like just numbers

Let’s admit that not everyone works for a paycheck. There are a lot of people who want to work with the people they respect and admire, and in return, they want to be respected and admired. If people in your work place don’t have any quick decision or informal conversation asking if you need any help, then it is surely the time to leave the job!

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13.If you don’t see any future or progress:


If your company or organization isn’t going to sustain or progress much, then certainly they will not be able to give you any better position or promotion. If you will overlook this reason, then you are underestimating yourself. So, in order to get promotions and payments according to your work quality, thinking to quit your job is the only option.

14.To actually understand your abilities and qualities:

To actually understand your abilities and qualities

If you are going to tell yourself every day that, “I am not going to find any better job as compared to my current job”, then you are never going to move for a new one. If you will be able to see your abilities and qualities yourself, then you can expect others to see what you have in you. You just have to trust and believe in your creativity and you are going to find yourself in a better position.



It may not seem like a valid reason, but trust me it is! What can be as good as travelling and exploring new places? If the opportunity of travelling knocks your door, don’t think twice. Just go for it if it comes down to leave your job and you will soon realize that it is worth it. You will soon be back to your daily work routine after you are back. You will just have to avail this chance.



If your company is re-locating in an area that is far away from your house and your company isn’t even providing you any transport facility, then it is quite evident that it is going to change certain things. You will have to spend more on your transportation and it is going to add in your expenses. Also, the time you will need to travel and reach your work place would be different and more than before.

17.Not enough working hours:

not enough hours

When you feel like you aren’t able to complete your work task in defined work hours and the working hours aren’t enough then, it can result in unfinished tasks and you might feel frustrated in yourself.

18.Authoritarian Leadership Style:


It’s not only that the employee can only face authoritarian behavior by the employer or boss, but his own style can be authoritative. If you feel like you have the leadership skills and your co-workers or staff isn’t able to absorb your authoritarian leadership style then certainly, it is best in your favor to look for a job where you can show your own style.

19.An unexpected job offer:

unexpected job offer

Determine what your next step is and what you exactly are looking for. If you get an unexpected job offer that you think is more appropriate than your current job then, go for it! Focus and research what you are going to peruse with the offered job and define your goals.

20.Setting up your own business:

start your own business

It is often noticed that a few people want to start a business or company of their own. But, they are reluctant to take such a step before they get sufficient experience. If you have experienced different dimension in your job and you have enough resources to start a business then, this option shouldn’t be neglected. Quit your job and pursue your dream!


These are just 20 reasons for resigning from your job. There can be many more, we would like to hear it from you. So what are you going to do?

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