14 Best Heart Beat Monitor Watch Review: Choose any one

Today you will have lots of option to choose best heart beat monitor watch for yourself in the market. Watches with heart beat monitoring features use optical sensors to measure the blood flow in the veins. Heart rate monitor straps are also available which are worn as a chest strap and can be very accurate. However, watches provide a reliable level of accuracy let us look at the available gadgets.

1.Fitbit Surge :

Fitbit is a popular brand for fitness gadgets and users will find many desired features in the Fitbit Surge heart rate monitor watch. It can be used for athletic level training and the automatic sleep monitoring helps in measuring a quality of sleep.It has 8 sensor technology and long battery life.Calculates training intensity, calorie burn and heartbeat measurement every few seconds. It is one of the best heart beat monitor watches for running.

Exercise TrackingText and Call Notification
Caller Id Sleep pattern measurement
OLED DisplayControl music playlist
GPS trackingSyncs wirelessly to smartphones and computer
Purepulse heart rateSet fitness goals and diet plans
Activity trackingShare with friends in challenges
Auto sleep + silent alarm

Fitbit watch

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Conclusion – Fitbit surge has a higher price compared to others and provides a basic display.

2.Garmin Vivo Active Smartwatch:

This is a highly versatile smartwatch with a robust design its main focus is on health and fitness training and good for serious fitness persons. It can be used for heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day. The GPS functionality is perfect for a recording outdoor activity like running, swimming or cycling. It is perfect for hardcore athletic training.It has a built-in GPS.Sunlight readable colour touch screen.

Customize watch face designs, widgets and apps through the connect IQ storeConnect with Smartphone for Garmin connect and get coaching
Get smart notifications and smart coaching from Garmin connect by pairing with your phoneRugged design and waterproof
Dimensions 5.7*1.2*3 cm and weight 200 gmsUp to 8 days of battery life in watch tracking mode, 13 hours with GPS
iOS and Android Apps

Heart beat Monitor watch for athlete training

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Garmin Vivo Active Smartwatch is a good gadget with plenty of functionality in terms of GPS and heart rate monitoring.

3.Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate monitor Sports watch:

Mio was one of the first companies to bring in watches for optical heart rate monitoring. Now it has come up with Mio Alpha 2 which can send heart rate measurements from the wrist to Apps such as endo mondo, map my run, strava and more. Users will find this handpiece quite attractive with a nice design. The controls take a little study from the guide to be learnt.

Water resistant till 30mCan store 25 hours of workout data
Dimensions and weight - 25.2 x 4.3 x 1.8 cm ; 54 gSyncs via Bluetooth to smartphones with popular training Apps
Lithium Polymer BatteryBetter accelerometer-based pace, speed, distance and calories.
Coloured LED display
Alpha Mio

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Mio Alpha 2 has made many changes from its previous offering. Its price and features make it a good choice for buyers.

4.Opta SW 009 :

The Opta SW009 comes with one of the best displays and features as heart rate monitor watch. The product high-quality chipset and a larger memory. The heart beat monitor watch comes with calorie counter, pedometer, sleep monitor, Alarm, call alerts and more. Users will find excellent features in a good design. The Bluetooth connectivity helps in engaging with smartphones and PC, enhancing the span of features and operations. It is one of the best heart beat monitor watches for running.

OLED screen with 64 RAM and 64 KB ROMStep counts, distance measuring and calorie consumption management
Running time 1 week and standby for 3 monthsSleep quality measurement and event alarm setting
Compatible with iPhone 7.1 and above and Android 4.3 and aboveCall reminder, message reminder and water proof
Chipset: Nordic nRF51822Additional qualities like Call Alert, phone finder and remote camera control give it extra functionality
Incoming call and message alert only for Android devices.
Bluetooth enabled

opta SW

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Although Opta SW 009 is quite simple in its display it has many useful functionalities making it one of the best heart beat monitors in the market.

5.Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Heart Rate monitor Fitness tracker:

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is quite unique in a few aspects, one of which is its affordability, although it does not have a display, it can be connected through Bluetooth with smartphones. Xiaomi has its own health monitoring App on Google Play and App Store making things easier. It is very light and easy to wear. This is a heartbeat monitor and fitness tracker based on the idea of displaying readings on mobile apps. It is an interesting concept for someone who only wants to log and analyse their performance after their session.

Dimensions 9.8 x 9.6 x 3.2 cm, 82 gOffers many features which can be connected to iPhone or Android through Bluetooth.
It has Heart rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Pedometer, Smart alarm and Notifications of phone callsThe price is inexpensive
Batteries: Lithium polymer 10 days battery standby.
Input Current: 25mA Input voltage: DC5.0V Waterproof Standard: IP67 Bluetooth chip (Bluetooth 4.0) Sensor: ADI military gravity sensor Sleep monitoring
Measurement methods: Photoelectric Volume pulse wave plethysmography (PPG) Sensor: Optical heart rate sensor

XiomiYou Can Buy atAmazon

Xiaomi is a simply designed fitness tracker and if you are looking to log and analyse your workout sessions it is a good buy at low cost.

6.Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor :

The Polar brand is well positioned in the fitness tracking gadgets sector. It gives advanced features suitable for high-level athletic training. The watch is robust and gives very accurate monitoring of fitness goals. It comes with chest strap through which ensures accurate readings. If accuracy in training is of prime importance then Polar FT7 is one of the best products.

Graphical zone indicator during training.It has good training features like Energy pointer which tells you whether your workout is for calorie burning or fitness improvement
Large display with backlight for dim conditionsYou can set manual target zones for your training
It has water resistance till 30m, however not suitable for divingAlarm notification if heart rate crosses the limit
Multi language displayMemory can store up to 99 training logs
Battery is replaceable and gives alert when low
Comes with 2 year warranty
Polar FT7You can Grab it Amazon

In order to transfer data, you will need to purchase Polar Flowlink separately. It lacks Bluetooth connectivity. On the whole, it is a good fitness watch for heart beat measurement at the price given.

7.Polar FT 80:

This is a high-end watches from the Polar brand. Taking a leap from the Polar FT 7 the FT 80 comes with GPS functionality for outdoor tracking. It has a sleek high-tech design. It comes with most of the desirable functionality and is a favourite choice for athlete level training.It can give you the optimum workout according to your fitness levels so that there is no under or over training. It is primarily a fitness watch with heart rate monitor.

It can give you the optimum workout according to your fitness levels so that there is no under or over training. It is primarily a fitness watch with heart rate monitor.

It has a backlight displayIt can set training goals as per your fitness goals and current fitness levels
Can display in multiple languagesIt is suitable for swimming
Stop Watch functionalityPolar Flowlink is provided together
Water Proof till 50mTraining loads shows you how your body is responding to the training regimen
Calendar indicatorStrength training guidance
12/24 hour time displayTraining intensity monitoring
Replaceable batteryCalorie burning count
Needs Polar Flowlink to connect with PC or Mac
GPS functionality to measure speed and distance
Can store 100 files of training data

Polar Ft 80 Buy Here  Amazon

This is one of the most advanced training watches available. It is excellent for heart beat monitoring and also gives enough training assistance to get the best results. The price is on the higher side but it is quite helpful for athletes.

8.Mio Fuse heart rate training and Activity Tracker:

The Mio Fuse is one of the best watches for health and fitness tracking. It is a very well designed fitness training watch. It provides accurate EKG reading for heart rate and doesn’t require a chest strap. It can serve as a sports watch or activity tracker. It is a non-GPS device but comes with many features. Users find the watch accurate with wide functionality and easy to wear.

5-color LED display and vibration alerts to indicate heart rate zoneTransfer data via Bluetooth smart 4.0
It has a chronograph timerIt has award winning heart rate measurement technology which gives accurate readings.
Memory - Offline storage of 2 weeks of daily activity data. 30 hours of workout dataWater resistant till 30 meters
Built-in accelerometer to measure steps, calories, distance, and paceConfigurable heart rate zones for better training
Optical heart rate monitor, for EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring
Lithium Polymer Battery


Mio Fuse

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Although it doesn’t have GPS for outdoor running and cycling this device provides enough features to make it a viable option for buyers. It is offered at a good price and it is value for money product.

9.Fitbit Blaze:

his is a popular product amongst trainers. It packs in plenty of functionality in a good design. It does not have its own GPS tracking but it can be connected with the GPS on the smartphone. Accuracy levels are suitable for proper health and fitness monitoring. It is basically a fitness watch with heart rate monitor. It is a watch that can be worn all day, even for social events.

Dimensions: 25.5 x 4.2 x 1.1 cm ; 41 gIt has a good design
Battery - 1 Lithium Polymer (included)Good battery life
Different modes for running, biking and cardio workoutCan keep a track of all day activities
Sleep tracking, call and text featuresControl your smartphone music playlist
Workout assistance with FitStarKeep a track of distance travelled, calories burned and floors climbed
Battery life up to 5 days
Auto Sleep

Fibit BlazeYou Can Buy at Amazon

Fitbit Blaze is a popular choice for people interested in fitness but it doesn’t offer the accuracy levels for athlete level training.

10.Garmin Forerunner 235 :

The Garmin Forerunner 235 has advanced features and high accuracy which are very suitable for athletic level training. This is a wrist worn heart beat monitor and activity logger. It comes with many features along with GPS tracking. Although the price is higher it gives good value for money in terms of features and accuracy. It is one of the best heartbeat monitor watches for running.

GPS enabledGood Battery life, with daily 30min to 1hr Running, lasts up to 12 weeks
Display -1.23 inch (31.1 mm) diameter, Physical Dimensions: 1.77 inch x 1.77 inch x 0.46 inch (45 x 45 x 11.7 mm)Extra Running Dynamics and Cycling features
Battery Life: 12 weeks, 12 hours in watch and training modeThe e-ink type screen is good even in Bright conditions
Notifications: Email, text messages, call alerts, calendar reminders and more from your smartphoneThe Backlight is not bright but is okay to use in dark
Water resistant till 50mThe strap/band is comfortable.
Asia Version has extra band/strap of opposite colour combination
3 LED optical sensors for heart beat measurement.

Garmin FR235B

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It provides many useful features and it is good for cycling and running type of training. It provides extensive tracking features.

11.Suunto Ambit 3:

Suunto Ambit 3 is a high-level GPS enabled fitness watch with heart rate monitoring features. It is perfect for rugged use like climbing, swimming, trekking and gives accurate data. It is perfect for professional use for athletes.It is priced higher than other fitness trackers but it also offers higher accuracy and features.

It is 24 cm in length and weighs 90gmsIt has advanced multisport functions
It has advanced multisport functionsLog activity for different sports
Comes in two colours of black and silverMultiple language support
Good for climbing and outdoor activities


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Suunto Ambit 3 is a rugged fitness tracking watch. It can also be used for high altitude climbing.Polar M 400 GPS Heart Rate Monitor –

12.Polar M 400 GPS Heart Rate Monitor:

Compared to high-level Polar watches model the Polar M 400 provides a link between high-level trackings like with the Polar FT 80 and mid-level tracking provided by companies like Fitbit and Mio Fuse. It is perfect for anyone looking for high-end features at a lower price. It is well-designed heart beat monitor with advanced features. It is primarily a fitness watch with heart rate monitor.

Weighs 181 gms and need 2 lithium ion batteriesGood for outdoor training, helps you reach daily goals and improve training
High Contrast high resolution displayLong battery life up to 9 hours in training with both GPS and Heart rate sensing
Rechargeable battery24 days battery to log daily activity
Water resistant up to 50mLap timer, interval timer
24/7 activity tracking feature
Measures speed, distance, altitude with GPS

Polar M400

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It is a good looking activity tracker and offers plenty of features. The Polar brand is known for its robustness and the product gives accurate readings.

13.Soleus SH006 Pulse Heart rate monitor watch:

It is perfect for a more basic level requirement at an affordable price. This is a heart rate monitor and provides activity tracking for different routines.Good value for money in terms of functionality offered.

Dimensions – 10.2*10.2*7.6 cm, 59 gm3D accelerometer counts steps, calories and distance travelled
Lithium ion battery It has a rechargeable battery
Water resistant up to 30mBacklight for low light conditions
6 interval timers, calories burned, 1/100 sec chronographHeart Rate monitoring in zones
Storage - 30 run x 100 lap data
Optical sensors for heart rate monitoring


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The Soleus SH006 is a good option for heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. However, there is no connectivity option to PC and smartphones.

14.Sigma Sport Pc:

The Sigma Sports Pc is a good watch for heart rate monitoring and ECG. If those are the training goals then this is rugged easy to use a watch with all the required features. This is an accurate device for measuring heart rate. It comes along with a chest belt.

Calorie counterIt has programmable training zones for optimum measurements
Accurate ECG readingsAlarm if heart rate levels are exceeded
Waterproof up to 50 m


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It may not have as many features as other available gadgets but it is a robust product and gives accurate readings.


We have seen the top 15 best heart rate monitor watch. They are of different ranges and functionalities. It all depends on the person’s training goals. If someone is looking for a gadget to help in athletic level training then we would recommend a Polar FT 80 or Garmin Forerunner 235. For running type of training Fitbit Blaze or Mio Fuse can be a good option. Many products are available in the market with different features it all comes down to a person’s requirement and budget.

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